Boosting Your Confidence with Individualized Beauty Treatments

At Colaz, we know that your appearance is important to your overall health. When you don’t feel good about your appearance, it can be hard to maintain the confidence needed to power through the day and succeed at your life goals. Sometimes a little pampering is just what you need.

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The smooth skin of your dreams with advanced laser body hair removal

Colaz beauty experts are trained in the latest laser hair removal methods. You can be assured that our electrolysis treatments are a hassle free and painless method for permanent hair removal. Laser hair removal has become one of the most asked for beauty procedures for men and women alike in recent years. With laser hair removal, you save both time and money when compared to shaving and other methods that only offer short-term solutions.

Your time is valuable, so book your free laser hair removal consultation today. Our consultation allows us to evaluate your laser body hair removal needs and perform a patch test so that we can make sure that you will experience no sensitivity during the actual procedure; the consultation will also let us evaluate how well a match laser hair removal is for you.

Look younger and feel better with a facial treatment

Your complexion is the face you show to the world. The first impression you offer people can be a big factor in the future of your relationships with other people. Environmental factors such as sun exposure and pollution can take a serious toll on our skin. This damage is often the most prevalent on your face. While hats and sunscreen can help prevent this damage, a lot of us forget to wear either one. The effects of aging can also be a big factor in the appearance of your facial skin.

Facial Treatment

Luckily, many treatments can help repair environmental damage and the effects of aging. Colaz offers facial treatments that are specifically designed for your skin type. We use state of the art facial imaging scans to quickly determine your skin type and determine the solutions needed for any skin issues or concerns. A facial every four to eight weeks can be a great way to pamper yourself and keep your skin looking its best for the world to see!

Dermal fillers

For those looking to reduce lines and restore elasticity and firmness to the skin, dermal fillers can be a good option. With results lasting from six months to two years, dermal fillers are a great alternative to expensive Botox treatments.

Fillers are applied using a thin needle that causes very little discomfort, and the results are quick and impressive. If you have ever thought about getting a facelift, consider a consultation to see what dermal fillers can do for you to help achieve the look you want with less pain, cost, and discomfort.

Acne solutions

While some people only experience acne at certain points in their lives, for others it is a daily burden. Acne can be painful. In fact, the cystic variety can lead to deep scarring and a pitted look to the skin. Pores can appear very large, with blackheads sometimes making an unwanted appearance.

Fortunately, there are treatments that can offer solutions for even the worst types of acne. For those with acne scarring, dermal fillers can be used to give the skin a smoother appearance.

Microdermabrasion can also help smooth and reduce pigmentation. It is a painless procedure, with six to twelve sessions usually recommended to achieve maximum results. You will see better and more even skin tone, a reduction in blemishes, and less visible fine lines and wrinkles. Microdermabrasion is a very popular treatment at our salons due to the outstanding results clients see in their complexion afterwards.

Non-surgical liposuction alternatives

A slimmer and more toned you is easy to achieve with our non-surgical liposuction alternatives. We can help you get ready for the summer by helping you shed inches with ease. The best results are achieved when several methods of treatment are combined.

Start out with ten-minute sessions on our Vibrostation machines at any of our locations. These do not require an appointment, so they are extremely easy to fit into your schedule. Following the Vibrostation, a session of laser infra light liposuction will give you stunning results that will help streamline your physique.

Four locations to meet your needs

Our four full service locations mean that a Colaz salon is within easy reach. Contact us at our Southall, Slough, London, or Hounslow locations to schedule your beauty treatments today. Colaz offers the best service rates with our highly trained beauty professionals. Let us help you build the confidence you need today.

Laser Hair Removal vs. Electrolysis

There is little doubt that facial hair is the most annoying of all unnecessary hair. This is especially true for women as there is no way to hide these hairs. Thankfully, there are quite a few options for getting rid of facial hair, though electrolysis and laser are the two techniques most widely used now. Of these, electrolysis is the older technique but with the introduction of laser technique it started losing popularity.

Nevertheless, it is gaining popularity once again after the FDA categorized electrolysis as a permanent way of removing hair. So, you may be wondering which the most appropriate method is for you. The information that follows will help you decide that.

Let’s first understand the two techniques.



Introduced towards the end of 19th century, electrolysis is proven to remove hair permanently. This technique involves insertion of a needle into the hair follicle, which is subsequently destroyed by chemical treatment or electrically produced heat. When performed by competent hands, the results are similar to those of laser hair removal and are known to offer more permanent results for those who are not fir for laser treatment, including people having very dark skin or having red, gray or blond hair.

Electrolysis uses various methods:

Galvanic Electrolysis – This is the oldest technique that employs a chemical reaction for destroying hair follicles.

Thermolysis Electrolysis – In this case radio frequencies are used to produce heat that destroys the follicles. Basically, it damages the cells that cause hair growth.

Blend Electrolysis – It uses a combination of both the above techniques to make certain that all hair follicles are satisfactorily destroyed.

Electrolysis is a highly skilled job. Though electrolysis machines for use at home are available, it is recommended to patronize a licensed, trained professional. The reason is electrolysis can be a tiresome and somewhat uncomfortable and intricate process. Some patients may need anesthesia for comfort but most don’t require it really. For these reasons it is generally not recommended for larger areas like the back, legs or bikini. The electrolysis treatment is considered most effective for facial areas like the chin, upper lip and cheeks. No, it can’t be used for removing hair from within the nose.

The most important factor for a safe and effective treatment is choosing the right professional.

Side Effects of Electrolysis

If electrolysis is not performed properly you can expect full or part of hairs to grow again. It may also cause permanent skin damages and can spread infections. Therefore, it is vital to ensure that all the tools used are appropriately sterilized. Usual side effects are mild and may include swelling, redness, which disappears in a couple of days. Scabs indicate healing but severe scabbing could cause permanent scarring or pigmentation changes, once again emphasizing the need to be treated by experienced professional.


Laser Hair Removal:

Use of laser for removal of hair is the latest available technique for the purpose. Though the technique has been here for quite a few years, it continues to undergo technological developments and modern tools ensure effective removal of hair. This technique uses a long pulse laser to remove hair and is performed by a laser specialist, especially trained for the job.

Lasers emit wavelengths of light that get absorbed by the pigment in hair (melanin). When the skin surrounding the hair is lighter in color than the color of the hair, the laser gets focused in the hair shaft, successfully destroying it without affecting the skin or the follicle.

Since hair grows in cycles, different hairs enter their growth cycle at different times, meaning you would necessarily require six to eight treatments spread over a period of two to three months to disable all the follicles in any area. One treatment may last from a couple of minutes to one hour or even more.

Usually, hair removal through this technique is not more painful than waxing but the sensation is dissimilar. Each pulse from the laser gives a sensation of a rubber band snapping against the skin for a fraction of a second. You realize pain only when the laser hits the skin but it doesn’t last. Most people do not need an anesthetic cream but very sensitive patients may be prescribed one.

One limitation, if it may be called so, is that laser treatment doesn’t work equally well on all types of skins. Since laser technology targets dark pigment, it is most suitable for pale skin with dark coarse hair. The lighter the color of skin and the darker and coarser are hair, the better are the results. This treatment doesn’t work very well for people having light brown, blonde or light red hair.

This treatment is used for hair removal for both, males and females. Hair removal is usually done on legs, abdomen, underarm, pubic area, buttocks, thighs, back, chin, lip, neck, face, arms, toes and chest. It is ideal for treating areas having dark, dense, coarse hair growth.

Risks or Side Effects of Laser Hair Removal

Some people may temporarily experience these effects:

  • Itching
  • Swelling around mouth of follicle for up to 3 days
  • Redness that may last up to 3 days
  • Tingling or feeling of numbness

Using an inappropriate laser or setting can cause:

  • Bruising
  • Crusting/scab formation
  • Temporary pigment change
  • Purpura (purple coloring of the skin)


Selecting the right technique


You’ll need to consider the following important factors when zeroing in on the hair removal technique that is most appropriate for you:

Hair color: Since lasers focus on pigment in hair, this technique naturally doesn’t very well suit blonde, white, light brown or light red hair. Those with light colored hair would do well to consider electrolysis for hair removal.

Skin type: As already pointed out laser hair removal usually works better for people having fair skin. Though the treatment can be applied on skins having darker tones, people having darker complexion are likely to get better results on opting for electrolysis.

Size of the area to be treated: The size of area needing hair removal is an important factor. Though both the techniques are good for most parts of the body, when the amount of hair to be removed is considerable, laser hair removal delivers better results.

Expense: Both the options are moderately expensive and expense also varies with the body part needing hair removal. Knowing that laser hair removal certainly needs to be repeated at periodic intervals, it would work out to be more expensive when you want the results to remain effective for long.

How to Get Rid of Spots
Easy Home Remedies

Almost everybody is likely to develop some spots on some part of the body at some age. Spots which can be cleverly hidden through make up or dresses do not bother us as much as the ones which are clearly visible and can’t be hidden. Of all visible spots, the most annoying are those appearing on your face. So let’s get started with the reasons for appearance of such spots and the ways that help you getting rid of them.

What causes spots on face?

spots on faceThe most common spots appearing on face are caused by acne. These can be mild to severe, appearing as blackheads or whiteheads. As the name suggest blackheads are small, dark or black in color. Whiteheads too are small, white colored in the middle and are usually rather hard. Neither of the two is painful or inflamed.

However, when you have large, painful and puss producing spots, it is best to consult a dermatologist for an appropriate treatment. It is important as early treatment surely helps preventing formation of scars.

Acne is mainly the result of skin’s reaction to hormonal changes that the body undergoes. That explains why teenagers are most prone to acne. As the level of hormone testosterone increases it facilitates the skin to produce more sebum, (protective oil) and an excess of this oil on getting mixed with dead cells in skin causes blockages in skin’s follicles and these blockages appear as spots.

If bacteria manage to enter there, spots become larger and more painful too. Acne normally appears on your face, neck, chest, back and shoulders. You should understand that sebum is naturally produced oil that protects skin. Hormonal changes due pregnancy and the use of oral contraceptives can also affect sebum production.

What may worsen acne?

1. Certain medicines: Drugs that include corticosteroids, and rogens or lithium could worsen acne.

2. Diet: Studies point out that certain foods like dairy products and bagels, bread, and chips, containing high volumes of carbohydrates can trigger acne. Chocolate is also suspected for worsening acne among males, though further studies are needed for its confirmations.

3. Stress: Stress can make acne worse.

How to get rid of spots on face?

How to get rid of spots on face
Spots on face as a result of mild acne can be avoided or controlled the following ways:

  • Wash affected areas with a mild cleanser. Wash your face with a mild soap and warm water. If you find acne around your hairline, shampoo your hair daily. It is best to avoid astringents, facial scrubs, and masks, as they tend to irritate skin and worsen acne. Too much washing and scrubbing may also irritate skin. Be gentle when shaving affected skin.
  • Over-the-counter acne products may be used to dry excess oil and help peeling. Look for products having benzyl peroxide as the active ingredient. You could also try products comprising resorcinol, sulfur, or salicylic acid. Nonprescription acne medications may show initial side effects like dryness, redness, and scaling, though it usually improves after one month of use.
  • It is best to avoid oily or greasy sunscreens, cosmetics and hairstyling products or acne concealers. Prefer using water-based products as they are less likely to cause acne.
  • Use oil-free moisturizers with sunscreen. The sun worsens acne with some people. Also, some acne medicines make you more vulnerable to sun rays. Regularly use a non-oily moisturizer that includes a sunscreen.
  • Keep your hair clean and off your face. Tight clothing or hats also can pose a problem, especially if you’re sweating. Sweat and oils can contribute to acne.
  • Don’t pick or squeeze blemishes as it can lead to infection or scarring.
  • The Food and Drug Administration warns that some well-accepted non-prescription acne cleansers, lotions and other skin products could cause a rare but serious reaction.

How to get rid of spot scars?

As already pointed out, untreated acne can lead to formation of scars. Such scars are stubborn and there is no single treatment applicable for all. Yet, here are various procedures to help improving your complexion:

  • Laser treatments: This procedure involves use of a laser beam to destroy the outer layer of skin. As the lesion heals, new skin forms.
  • Surgery: In certain cases surgery is a viable option for removing deeply indented acne scars. It is a minor surgery that cuts out individual acne scars. Stitches or a skin graft repairs the hole caused at the scar site.
  • Tissue fillers: This involves injecting collagen or fat beneath the skin, into the acne scars to stretch the skin to make acne scars less noticeable. Results are temporary, meaning you’ll need to take injections periodically.
  • Dermabrasion: In this case the top layer of skin is removed, using a fast rotating wire brush. Surface scars can be completely removed, and deeper acne scars become less noticeable.

How to get rid of spots on back?

Followed by face, appearance of dark spots on the back becomes very prominent, especially when you are on the beach. You’ll find the following measures helpful in removing these:

  1. Replace bar soaps with anti-bacterial cleanser as bar soaps tend to irritate and aggravate these spots. In fact, you can use a cleanser meant for use on face as it is quite mild.
  2. It is important to rinse thoroughly as any soap residue on the body can block pores and extend the duration of treatment.
  3. Exfoliation of skin is beneficial as it helps getting rid of dead flakes and thus hastens the treatment.
  4. Apply benzyl-peroxide cream on the affected area. You may need help of your spouse or another member of the family for reaching difficult to reach areas. You may also use an alpha hydroxy lotion, as it helps to clear acne on face and other parts of your body.
  5. Drink plenty of water. It may not necessarily help getting rid of those spots but keeps your skin healthy and reduces the chances of spots reappearing. Likewise, it helps taking low fat, balanced diet. It hastens the process of cleansing and keeps appearance of those blemishes at bay.

How to get rid of spots overnight?

At times you may have compelling circumstances for getting rid of spots overnight. Unfortunately, there is no medically proven technique or treatment available for such occasions. However, there are a number of options suggested by people who tried and succeeded using various items. You may like trying some of these but keep in mind that something that worked for one individual may not work for you.

  • Use a drop or two of tea tree antiseptic oil on the blemish before going to bed. It dries the impurities and just falls off while you are asleep leaving no trace of the spot. Some find its smell unbearable.
  • You may try any toothpaste or some nail polish remover. Apply it on the spot, leave it overnight and wash in the morning and see if you can find it!
  • Apply Savlon or another skin healing cream on spots. Dab on a little in the morning, and apply a generous amount at night, putting a plaster over your spot. Spots disappear the next morning.
  • There are reportedly instances when Vicks Vapor Rub eliminated spots overnight!
  • Some recommend application of paste made from crushed aspirin tablets on the affected part and leaving it overnight.

Homemade remedies for removing spots:

Of late, many people are inclined to make use of home remedies rather than trying formulated medicines. The main feature of such remedies is that they are highly economical with the added advantage of their ready availability. Here again, there is no common remedial measure that proves effective for all.

What works for you depends on the kind of skin you have and the severity of the problem. In any case, you’ll need a lot of patience for these treatments as usually they start showing positive results after a couple of weeks. Should you also be inclined to try out homemade remedies for removing spots, here are some of the popular ones:


Coconut oil
Melt small quantity of natural, organic cold pressed coconut oil and rub it into the affected part of your skin. You may like to mix a few drops of eucalyptus oil for additional benefit.

Lemon Juice
Simply applying a bit of diluted lemon juice on the skin with a cotton ball is another home remedy recommended by many.

Mint Juice
Apply freshly prepared juice of mint leaves on your face, leave it overnight and wash in the morning.

Rose & Lime
Prepare mixture of rose water and lime juice in equal volumes and apply to skin. Leave on for 15-20 minutes and then wash.

Nutmeg Paste
Prepare a paste of nutmeg with milk. Apply it to your skin and leave on for a couple of hours before washing it off.

Tomato Pulp
Apply pulp of fresh organic tomatoes on your face, leaving it there for 30-45 minutes, and then wash it off.

Regularly steam your face as it helps to opens the pores. It facilitates removal of pimples and blackheads effectively.

As you can see there are many ways of removing black spots from different parts of your body. There are available over the counter treatments and a number of natural treatments which people have been using since generations to keep their skin spot free. It is fundamental to keep your skin as clean as possible while not overdoing it as that can damage the skin, cause irritation and worsen the situation.

The chances of getting completely clear skin depend on the reason behind your spots. Adults have a fairly good chance of getting clear skin. If you are in your teens, it is possible to take action to reduce your spots; perhaps, it won’t be possible to completely clear them up, because of all the hormonal changes taking place.

Large painful, bumpy spots indicate puss formation and represent severe cases of acne. In such cases it is recommended to see your physician, who may refer you to a dermatologist for further treatment. Don’t delay taking action as early treatment can prevent scarring.

Discover How You Can Benefit More from Laser Hair Removal

With time, laser hair removal has grown in popularity and more people get to understand the many benefits associated with the procedure. The process guarantees long term hair removal and this will therefore give you the peace of mind as you do not have to worry about hair regrowth for a very long period.

However, it is important to understand some tips that will help you get the most out of laser hair removal as this is the only way you will be guaranteed of the best results possible. Below are some factors to consider if you want to benefit more from this amazing procedure.

Laser hair removal

Things you need to do to enjoy greater results from laser hair removal

Choose the right skin specialist

Before we even discuss other things, it is important to understand that laser treatment is an advanced kind of hair removal which should only be handled by a trained and certified specialist. For this reason therefore, it will be important to first of all do some research and establish the suitability of your specialist of choice before commencing with the procedure. The specialist should be able to carry out the procedure properly and in the right environment, meaning the spa should be well equipped and hygienic.

Do not tan your skin

Dark skin pigment works very well with laser hair removal. It will therefore be important to avoid tanning your skin as doing so will make it lighter and affect the colouration of the hair roots thus affecting the effectiveness of the procedure. You should avoid tanning for a few weeks prior to the hair removal sessions as a way of maximizing on the success.

Avoid waxing and tweezing for a while

First, it will be important to understand how laser hair removal works. The procedure normally targets the hair follicles and this is done from the roots of the hair in question. To maximize on the benefits therefore, it will be important to avoid the above hair removal methods since they also uproot your hair from the root even though they do not affect the follicles. Not removing hair from the roots prior to your laser removal sessions will help the laser light to target all the follicles during treatment thus reducing chances of patchy hair re-growth.

Attend all the sessions required

Before starting the hair removal sessions, it is always good to know that the desired results are not achievable within a single session. Laser hair removal requires a number of sessions (this varies between individuals) and therefore you should be prepared to go all the way to the end if you are to enjoy the desired results.

Your specialist will discuss this with you before starting the procedure and attending all the necessary sessions will help you benefit more from the treatment. The greatest advantage is that once you are through with these sessions, you might have to stay for more than 6 months before seeing hair regrowth in the target region of the body.

Laser hair removal is one of the best ways to get rid of unwanted hair for both men and women. By following the tips given above, you will be able to kiss unwanted hair goodbye for long while avoiding a bumpy and irritating skin.