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A Complete Guide On Laser Skin Resurfacing: Everything You Need To Know

Laser Resurfacing of the skin is the latest scar-clearing method that many people undergo in order to efficiently remove acne scarrings, uneven skin tone and even for rejuvenation purposes. If you have ever had more serious problems with your skin – blemishes, acne, scarrings, marks, and wrinkles – you probably know of chemical peeling and dermabrasion as effective methods, but now there is a better and more sophisticated way of addressing your skin problems.

Namely, the skin resurfacing with the help of a laser holds a solid promise in reducing the damaging effects of the sun, the wrinkles of the skin, and many facial skin disorders, as a safe and convenient treatment for everyone. It diminishes the imperfections of the skin by dissolving (layer by layer) the molecular bonds of the damaged skin cells. This is done until a smoother and a more even skin appearance is reached. The fact that statistics show that Laser Skin Resurfacing is in the top 5 most preferred non-surgical treatments among patients, safely confirms that it delivers the wanted results as promised to do so, without any serious health risks.

Since this is a procedure that takes a lot of patience and care after it is done, there are things you need to take into consideration before making a choice, so it is highly suggested you consult with a professional who can introduce you to this method more personally based on your skin type and tell you if this is the right solution for you. This being said, here is a more general description of the right candidates for the laser skin resurfacing treatment:

  • People with an elastic skin not prone to scarring after minor injuries
  • Non-oily or over-sensitive skin
  • Free of serious medical diagnoses that might put them in danger during or after the procedure
  • Not taking any harsh prescription medication
  • People with lighter skin tones

Besides these guidelines of the right candidate for the method, patients should have rational and reasonable expectations of the results and be patient during the recovery period. The person should be well-educated on what to expect and also have the time to devote to the recovery once the procedure is done. This latter part is extremely important since there are patients who reported that the recovery period and the complete remodeling took even up to 18 months. Note that a regular care and changing of moist bandages every hour in the first few days or so is required, but the good news is that infections are rare.

According to those patients, in all their cases, new skin appeared on the surface in as little as 10 days, however, this being a new, young and sensitive skin, the redness lasted for about two months after. Another thing to consider is that up to 45% of the patients reported they had temporary changes in skin color, and this is why patients with lighter skin tones make better candidates than those with darker skin tone – there is less risk of permanent skin discoloration.

Before digging deeper into the tools with which this procedure is done and all the different types of lasers used for it, we would like to mention that according to the research and feedback from former patients, it is now known that this procedure is up to 90% more potent and precise when compared to dermabrasion (where a rough, abrasive edge removes the scars), and chemical peels (which uses chemicals to remove damaged layers of skin).

In order to acquaint you better into the entire procedure of laser skin layering, you need to know that there are 3 types of lasers which are named according to the source that creates the energy beam.

Laser Type 1: CO2 Laser

This laser is only to be considered by patients with the most severe skin conditions and scarrings that cannot be treated with the rest of the lasers. The reason is that this is the highest intensity laser when compared to the other two. The benefit of this particular laser is that due to the CO2 it uses, it makes the skin surface smoother, tighter and more uniformed. This laser works by restricting the collagen bands in order to remove the wrinkles, scars, birthmarks and even warts. It might be useful to know that this laser has been used to treat cancer cells of the skin while in their beginning stages.

Laser Type 2: Erbium Laser

While different lasers are used in certain procedures and skin types, the Erbium YAG laser performs best in improving darker skin. Compared to the above mentioned CO2 laser which is considered to be more powerful, the erbium laser is more precise at removing thinner layers of skin tissue in order not to cause any unnecessary skin damage. This also makes it a great option for people who have fairly good skin, in a solid state but want to treat minimal fine lines and wrinkles only.

Laser Type 3: Fraxel® Laser Skin Resurfacing

The Fraxel® laser differentiates from the first two lasers in a manner that its procedure is non-invasive, and there are few post-treatment side effects caused by it. Practically, there has been no pain or skin tenderness reported from patients and the best thing about it is that it requires no downtime for healing. However, being this gentle on the skin, you should take into a consideration that is the least powerful of all three and that more sessions are required, instead of just one like with the rest. Also, results appear gradually over the course of few weeks or even months at a time, depending on the condition of your skin.

Procedure And Costs

Now that you know quite enough about the lasers, we are sure you have questions regarding the entire procedure and how much it costs. It is done with a local anesthesia for which an injection in the treated spot is injected, however, if the patient asks, an oral sedative may be used as well. It is vital to take a break and give the skin a chance to cool off and not be so much heat-treated, so a partial laser resurfacing can take anywhere around 30 to 45 minutes and a full one up to 2 hours.

The cost of this treatment depends on the doctor and the hospital you have chosen, however, you need to know that there is a surgeon’s fee, the cost of the facility and anesthesia, and also expenses made from the pre- and post-operative care. This is why it is best for you to schedule a consultation where you will find out exactly what to expect.

The Benefits

As mentioned before, choosing a laser resurfacing procedure for your skin will result in a more youthful look, improving the skin’s texture and making it smoother. It removes any accumulated dead skin cells caused by overexposure to the sun, the polluted air or by the drying effects of the makeup products.

Side Effects

Minor side-effects may appear after laser skin resurfacing among certain patients, but they usually disappear in a short amount of time foreseen for the recovery period. The most commonly reported side effects include redness of the skin, swelling of the treated area, and moderate irritation similar to the feeling produced by a mild sunburn.

Laser Hair Removal Is Lot Easier Today With Colaz Beauty Salon

Everyone wants to look beautiful and wants to have a nice outlook. People from all ages become health conscious and try to have well-nourished skin. In today’s busy world people do not get much time to look after their skin and body. Therefore, some of the talented and trained skin specialists and beauty salons come forward and do the task on behalf of regular people. Colaz beauty salon is one of those salons that are experts in skin treatments such as laser hair removal and so on. If anyone is looking for laser hair removal, Derby offers a best solution for it. The new outlet of Colaz beauty salon makes laser hair removal a lot easier.  laser-hair-removal-derby

Laser hair removal treatment is a procedure of removing unnecessary hair from the body with the help of laser light that demolish the hair follicle. The process takes place under trained skin treatment experts who smoothly apply the cream to the place and after 30 minutes start the laser lighting to remove the unwanted hair. Talking about laser hair removal Derby now has expert skin specialists and beauty salons like Colaz to serve people.

Colaz, one of the best salons in the world, now will serve their customers in Derby as well. With the highly educated and trained in skin therapy staffs, Colaz starts its journey in Derby. The services other than laser hair removal Derby outlet provides are such as:

  • Waxing
  • Threading
  • Bridal packages
  • Men treatment
  • Slimming treatments like body shaping, inch loss, etc.
  • Facial
  • Skin blemish removal
  • Acne treatment and much more skin and beauty treatment.

If people are looking for pain-free laser hair removal, Derby outlet of Colaz offers several benefits of opting laser hair removal treatment. The benefits include:

  • It is relatively pain-free
  • Permanent solution
  • The treatment is suitable for all skin types
  • It lasts for a long time
  • Prevents ingrown hairs
  • Low risk of skin burn
  • Promotes smoother skin
  • Can be used all over the body
  • Reduces bad body smell and many more.laser-hair-removal-derby

Laser hair removal treatment is the permanent solution to the problem of unwanted body hair, whereas waxing and threading is not. People who are busy in their lives and do not get much time to visit beauty parlor often can easily go for this permanent solution. If anyone wants to have smoother and hair free skin, laser hair removal treatment is the best of all solution.

Some of the reason s for choosing Colaz over any other beauty salon in Derby are including their well-trained staffs and skin specialists who are not only enough trained but also well experienced in this field. For the laser hair removal, Derby uses latest high technical machinery that run by the expert hands. There is a wide variety of skin treatment available for all types of skin such as dry skin, oily skin, dull skin, men and women skin and so on. They provide treatment for different hair colors as well. Over ten years of experience and a sound customer base make Colaz advanced beauty specialists team more demanding and popular.

Not only women but if men are looking for smooth and hair free skin and want laser hair removal Derby outlet can help them out. In recent times, it can be seen that young men want to have a clean and hair free body as the sportsmen highly inspire them. The benefits of opting for laser hair removal are it is almost pain-free; it is quick, permanent and safe. So for the pain-free, safe and affordable hair removal treatment people can easily opt for laser hair removal treatment.


Colaz advanced beauty specialist successfully started their outlet in Derby and catering people through their extraordinary services and beauty and skin consultations. While selecting the best place for laser hair removal, Derby outlet offers a most reasonable price for the treatment. People often visit a salon for relaxation and to get stress free. The themed treatment rooms are designed in such a way that people will enjoy their leisure time and dissolve their stress away with soothing waterfall and gentle music.

Currently, Colaz beauty salon has their outlets in six cities including London. Southall, Hounslow and now they have extended their business successfully to Derby. People around the world can easily reach these experts through online booking. Just visit their website and book the consultation online and people can get everything from hair removal to re-grown hair with the help of this expertise. Take out some time from the busy schedule and walk into the world of beauty treatment to rejuvenate your skin, body as well as the mind. So, if anyone is searching for laser hair removal Derby has a bunch of experts in its kitty.

Laser Hair Removal Harrow

It’s never great to bear with unwanted body hair. This hair can show up in all sorts of spaces that should be immaculate. From the legs to the arms and even on different spaces around the shoulders, unwanted body hair can be annoying. However, this doesn’t have to be a huge burden to your life. A beauty salon in the Harrow area can be ideal for when you’re trying to take care of your hair-related issues.laser-hair-removal-harrow Your laser hair removal Harrow needs are critical to your success. Even with this, you must be certain when getting your hair-related needs under control that you’re only working with the best hair removal materials. The CoLaz beauty salon in Harrow is the perfect option for you to utilize when finding a way to take care of your hair removal plans.

What Does CoLaz Offer?

CoLaz in Harrow has become a popular place for a variety of hair removal processes. These include many procedures designed to keep you from having to constantly, wax, shave, pluck and thread hairs from various parts around your body.

A laser hair removal procedure can be a great option to explore. A laser hair removal Harrow plan will work by targeting a particular spot on your body. It penetrates light energy into the follicle, thus killing off the different components in the follicle that encourage the hair’s growth. It can help to kill it off over the course of multiple treatments. It will protect your skin and keep the hair from being a real threat.


The advantages of the laser hair removal Harrow process are especially evident:

* It is a pain-free process.

* The results are virtually permanent.

* The risk of your skin burning is extremely minimal.

* Your skin will be smooth after the treatment process.

* This can work for all skin types and colors.

* It keeps bad odors from developing in the treated area.

Our service is easy to use and affordable. We focus on ensuring that the process is easy to handle without being harder on your body; than necessary.

What About Electrolysis?

Electrolysis is another option that our beauty salon has to offer. It is for hair removal needs among those who have gray, white, blonde or red hair. Laser hair processes are not necessarily going to work for those with these hair colors but they will be easier to treat through an electrolysis project.

This uses a using process:

1. First, a sterilized needle will be added into the hair follicle.

2. An electrical current will then be administered to the hair.

3. The hair’s growth cells will then be destroyed.

4. Tweezers are used to remove the hair as well.

It is used to reduce the growth rate of the hair over time. It will treat the hair and keep it from growing too quickly or otherwise being harder to bear with than necessary. In fact, this is perfect for those with light hair colors as a traditional laser process may not go deep enough into one’s hair at this point.

It is all used with a simple process that is safe and easy for the body to handle. You will not be at risk of harm and irritation from the use of this process. You can ensure, anything you are trying to remove will be treated the right way.


What Other Services Are There?

There are many other special services for you to check out as well. Our beauty salon will provide you with many added services that are easy to use and will not be any harder on your body than necessary. Just take a look at this small sampling of the many treatments that you can get from us:

* Beauty facials are available for use; these include facial peel treatments that go deep into your pores.

* Teeth whitening processes can be offered by many professionals here.

* Cellulite removal process and other body-shaping procedures may get highlighted as well.

* Acne treatments are also good for patients who need clear skin.

CoLaz has all of the hair removal treatment options and other special skin and beauty treatments that you need to make yourself look your best. All procedures are available for use within a comfortable and easy to handle and maintain the environment. It is a great place that is relaxing, calm and will not put anyone under any more stress than needed. It is a very easy place to enjoy being at thanks in part to the extended care that is available.

You can visit our office in Harrow or any of our other UK-based offices for treatment options and to reserve an appointment or consultation. You can also get more information on our services right through our website. We are capable of giving you the most out of any procedure that you might require so be sure to contact us for information on whatever you require. Our laser hair removal Harrow processes will certainly be perfect for your demands.

Boosting Your Confidence with Individualized Beauty Treatments

At Colaz, we know that your appearance is important to your overall health. When you don’t feel good about your appearance, it can be hard to maintain the confidence needed to power through the day and succeed at your life goals. Sometimes a little pampering is just what you need.

CoLaz Beauty Salon

The smooth skin of your dreams with advanced laser body hair removal

Colaz beauty experts are trained in the latest laser hair removal methods. You can be assured that our electrolysis treatments are a hassle free and painless method for permanent hair removal. Laser hair removal has become one of the most asked for beauty procedures for men and women alike in recent years. With laser hair removal, you save both time and money when compared to shaving and other methods that only offer short-term solutions.

Your time is valuable, so book your free laser hair removal consultation today. Our consultation allows us to evaluate your laser body hair removal needs and perform a patch test so that we can make sure that you will experience no sensitivity during the actual procedure; the consultation will also let us evaluate how well a match laser hair removal is for you.

Look younger and feel better with a facial treatment

Your complexion is the face you show to the world. The first impression you offer people can be a big factor in the future of your relationships with other people. Environmental factors such as sun exposure and pollution can take a serious toll on our skin. This damage is often the most prevalent on your face. While hats and sunscreen can help prevent this damage, a lot of us forget to wear either one. The effects of aging can also be a big factor in the appearance of your facial skin.

Facial Treatment

Luckily, many treatments can help repair environmental damage and the effects of aging. Colaz offers facial treatments that are specifically designed for your skin type. We use state of the art facial imaging scans to quickly determine your skin type and determine the solutions needed for any skin issues or concerns. A facial every four to eight weeks can be a great way to pamper yourself and keep your skin looking its best for the world to see!

Dermal fillers

For those looking to reduce lines and restore elasticity and firmness to the skin, dermal fillers can be a good option. With results lasting from six months to two years, dermal fillers are a great alternative to expensive Botox treatments.

Fillers are applied using a thin needle that causes very little discomfort, and the results are quick and impressive. If you have ever thought about getting a facelift, consider a consultation to see what dermal fillers can do for you to help achieve the look you want with less pain, cost, and discomfort.

Acne solutions

While some people only experience acne at certain points in their lives, for others it is a daily burden. Acne can be painful. In fact, the cystic variety can lead to deep scarring and a pitted look to the skin. Pores can appear very large, with blackheads sometimes making an unwanted appearance.

Fortunately, there are treatments that can offer solutions for even the worst types of acne. For those with acne scarring, dermal fillers can be used to give the skin a smoother appearance.

Microdermabrasion can also help smooth and reduce pigmentation. It is a painless procedure, with six to twelve sessions usually recommended to achieve maximum results. You will see better and more even skin tone, a reduction in blemishes, and less visible fine lines and wrinkles. Microdermabrasion is a very popular treatment at our salons due to the outstanding results clients see in their complexion afterwards.

Non-surgical liposuction alternatives

A slimmer and more toned you is easy to achieve with our non-surgical liposuction alternatives. We can help you get ready for the summer by helping you shed inches with ease. The best results are achieved when several methods of treatment are combined.

Start out with ten-minute sessions on our Vibrostation machines at any of our locations. These do not require an appointment, so they are extremely easy to fit into your schedule. Following the Vibrostation, a session of laser infra light liposuction will give you stunning results that will help streamline your physique.

Four locations to meet your needs

Our four full service locations mean that a Colaz salon is within easy reach. Contact us at our Southall, Slough, London, or Hounslow locations to schedule your beauty treatments today. Colaz offers the best service rates with our highly trained beauty professionals. Let us help you build the confidence you need today.